Utah Guides - Trekker Trips


Trekking provides the chance for you to see the wonders where no vehicle can travel, to find solitude in a busy world, and adventure in the great American wilderness. Backcountry backpacking with our Utah guides is a rewarding and eye opening experience that you will never forget.

Utah has 6 wondrous National Forests that spread out over more than 9 million acres. Utah also boasts 5 national parks and more than 40 state parks. It is one of the most geologically and ecologically diverse places in the world. Thus it provides plenty of room for adventure. However, finding the best spots among the 9 million acres of choices can be overwhelming.

Our Utah guides know the secrets of where to go and how to get there, and back, safely. Trekker Trips Utah guides make learning part of the journey, as they teach you skills of outdoor survival, navigation, and safety techniques.

We will take you to timberline mountain lakes, high look-out passes, obscure canyons, and magnificent rivers. You will see places and wildlife that should only be experienced in person.